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Team Catherine

Catherine Luecht, BCaBA

Catherine is a 2008 graduate from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education and Elementary Education. Catherine is an Emerald Coast Autism Center staff supervisor and a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). She is one of ECAC’s original staff members, joining the organization shortly after the doors opened in fall 2009. 

"I love the positive leadership and healthy camaraderie that is built within the foundation of our organization"
- Catherine


Shanna Huffnagle
Lead Therapist

"As someone who has a family, I love how ECAC supports the idea of keeping family first. It is a relief to know that when life happens, we have a work family that sees us through. Our mission is "Reaching Kids, Supporting Families." This extends within the walls of our building to the employees and their families as well. ECAC is an incredible place! "
- Shanna

Anne-Marie Miller
Registered Behavior Technician 


Haleigh Dutton 
Registered Behavior Technician 

"One of the best feelings is having a work place that genuinely cares not just about their clients, but the employees/coworkers as well. ECAC is just that! The family atmosphere makes going to work every day feel more like a privilege than a task! There is truly no greater feeling than enjoying your work place while also helping children and their families grow more and more every day." - Haleigh

Sharon McHugh
Shark Tank Teacher | Registered Behavior Technician 

Roni Whitfield
Registered Behavior Technician 

"I love being at ECAC because everyday is exciting. Being able to watch the kids grow is very rewarding and the supportive environment allows me to grow as well." - Roni

Mia Rodgers 
Registered Behavior Technician

"ECAC is an incredible place that provides a positive environment for the students and staff to grow and thrive every day. Being able to work with such wonderful kids gives me a greater sense of purpose and an extensive appreciation for the small things. Every day is an adventure filled with love and a simple reminder to enjoy life, no matter what obstacles may be thrown our way." -Mia