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Team Lynsie

Lynsie LoPiccolo, BCBA

Lynsie has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder since August of 2009. She has been with Emerald Coast Autism Center since the spring of 2010 where she has been in a variety of different roles upon landing her role as a staff supervisor in 2012.

Lynsie is a 2007 graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. She completed her Master of Arts degree in Exceptional Student Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of West Florida in 2017. She has been a BCBA since the spring of 2018.

“What I love the most about working at ECAC is the constant smiles I see on the faces of the clients, staff and families. We cheer on everyone (clients, students, parents and staff) who walks through the door. We lift each other up and bring out the best in everyone.”


Sarah Rodriguez, BCaBA
Lead Therapist

"The best part of working at ECAC is the feeling of love that permeates the staff and building, we truly are a family. The caring and support for both the kiddos and each other is something extremely special." -Sarah R.

Brooke Talley, BCBA

"ECAC is truly like family. The atmosphere at ECAC is one where staff feel supported, loved, and celebrated both personally and professionally." -Brooke 

Pia Calderon, BCaBA

"The kids at ECAC bring me so much joy and light. When I see how much progress and milestones they have reached it brings an indescribable emotion, even the smallest accomplishment is a big victory. The kids have made an everlasting impression on my life these past several years. I feel so blessed to be part of an organization that truly gives quality ABA therapy." -Pia 

Elizabeth McKenzie
Registered Behavior Technician

"My favorite thing about working at ECAC is the genuinely kind and enthusiastic people I work alongside as well as the abundant opportunities to learn and grow as a therapist. I have been blessed to be able to work in such a positive and welcoming atmosphere at ECAC." -Liz M.

Hannah Coon
Registered Behavior Technician 

"I love ECAC because from day one these kiddos steal your heart. I love watching them grow and learn every day. They are amazing human beings that every one deserves to know."- Hannah C.

Brittney Engelbrecht
Registered Behavior Technician

"ECAC has such a positive work enviornment, but I truly enjoy working here for the kids. Helping them find their words to express themselves. Watching them grow and learn is the most rewarding party of this job!" - Brittney 


Austin Mallett
Registered Behavior Technician

"Having the opportunity to work with this amazing group of kids is such a blessing. Watching them learn, grow, and develop is truly something special. The biggest reason I love working at ECAC is being able to make a difference in these kids lives and putting them in a position to succeed."- Austin

Makayla Dominger
Registered Behavior Technician

"My favorite thing about ECAC is the amazing group of kids I get to work with. I love seeing the progress they make every day and working with them is so rewarding." -Makayla 

Ashley Hatley
Registered Behavior Technician

Ally Blackburn
Registered Behavior Technician