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Team Sherrel

Sherrel Hill, BCBA

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Texas Tech University in 2010, Sherrel aspired to work for an organization passionately dedicated to its mission and values as well as serving a greater community. After completing her undergraduate degree, she began her career as a business communication instructor at Texas Tech University. Sherrel joined the Emerald Coast Autism Center (an immensely passionate group) in 2012 as a behavior therapist and moved into a supervisor position in 2014, after completing her coursework at Florida Institute of Technology and receiving her Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) certification. She currently leads a team of registered behavior technicians (RBTs) who hustle daily to improve the quality of lives of those they serve. Committed to providing quality Applied Behavior Analysis services and professional growth, Sherrel enrolled in Ball State University’ s master’s degree program in applied behavior analysis. She will complete her master’s degree in 2018 and go on to sit for her Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) examination. Upon completing her certification, Sherrel plans to continue fostering her own team’s growth (therapists and clients) and pursue her own passion projects in Organizational Behavior Management.

"Have you ever worked for an ABA organization that cared about its staff as much as its clients? Well, I have. Emerald Coast Autism Center is not just a place to work, but is a community of professionals collaborating, learning, and growing alongside one another. This community starts at the top with two founders and leaders who genuinely care about the quality of services and work-life balance for its staff. In this environment, I have grown into the knowledgeable and ethical Board Certified Behavior Analyst I aspired to become."
- Sherrel 

Emma Day, BCBA
Lead Therapist

"Every day is a learning experience that helps me grow professionally and personally. A dose of humility, a dose of compassion, and a dose of love goes into each day. Being able to support these kiddos and their families is the greatest honor I could imagine, and being able to do it alongside such supportive coworkers makes it so much more special." - Emma

Austin McCart 
Registered Behavior Technician | Nursing Supervisor 

Mallory Hart
Registered Behavior Technician 

"The clients I work with make every day fulfilling. I know my work is making a positive impact and helping each individual to grow, gain skills and work towards independence!" -Mallory

Liana Molino 
Registered Behavior Technician

"Every day I go into work, I know I am impacting more than just my client’s life. I am impacting the people they interact with every day—their family members, loved ones, future partners and friends, and the future they will create for themselves. Every morning, I am thrilled and looking forward to what the day will bring, the progress I will witness, and the milestones each of my clients will surpass! It is a privilege to work with these kiddos, and I will continue to serve this community for as long as I am able! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!" Liana

Summer Hayslip
Registered Behavior Technician 

"ABA was supposed to be a gap year job for me after I completed my undergraduate degree. Once I saw how much of a positive impact this therapy has on the lives of the kiddos, their families, and myself, I knew there was no other field for me. It changed the world for me, and I hope to help it do the same for the kids and families I serve." -Summer

Liz Mills
Registered Behavior Technician

"I have always been motivated to make a difference in people's lives. This mentality I have carried with me through life drew me to studying Psychology throughout my undergraduate degree. In 2017, upon the completion of my degree, I found the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). I quickly fell in love with the science-based practices and the incredible clients and families that I had the opportunity to work with. The love and passion I have for this job and my clients is my reason why I have stayed in the field and continued my education over the past 5 years, earning a master's degree in ABA. To me, there is nothing more rewarding than developing a strong relationship with my clients and seeing them progress and improve their everyday lives."- Liz

Shelby Lemley