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Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation (MKAF) Art Demonstration

June 26, 2014




Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation (MKAF) hosted an art demonstration at Emerald Coast Autism Center (ECAC) with South Walton 2014 artist of the year Mary Hong.

She created an image of a butterfly from glass on canvas and allowed students to add pieces of glitter and glass to contribute to a finished product.

Captivated students and therapists gazed at her meticulously placing pieces of blown glass, recycled glass, shells and glitter on a pre-painted canvas. Mariah Marshall, behavior therapist at ECAC, asked “How do you get the glass to stick?” Hong jokingly responded “I wave my magic wand,” before telling the group she coats the suspended glass with a thick coat of resin.

Marcia Hull, Chief Executive Officer of Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation, said the organization is not just about art shows and concerts. She said the foundation’s education mission is about using art to therapeutically reach children with special needs.

“The arts are a creative resource to unlock the development of children with special needs and to witness these precious children clapping and responding is a very rewarding experience in fulfilling our education mission for all children,” Hull said.


Mary Hong’s visit is part of a series of performances brought to ECAC courtesy of an art alliance partnership with MKAF. 
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